How do I see Submitted By and Approved by on a Timecard Report

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For auditing purposes it is often useful to see who submitted a timecard and who approved it. You can see this information in two places on the portal.


Timecard Dashboard

  1. If you are a Timecard Admin, navigate to Office Tools > Timecard Dashboard. 
  2. Select the Company / Pay Period Combination and find the timecard in question.
  3. Click the icon in the "History" column to show the submission and approval history for that timecard.
  4. Clicking on the blue links in the history popup will generate and download the submitted timecard PDF.  

  5.  The submitted by and approved by values can be seen at the bottom of the timecard.

  6. Clicking on the name of the an employee in a closed pay period will generate the processed timecard report. Keep in mind the processed timecard report reflects the time that was actually processed through Vista for that pay period, not necessarily what was submitted by the employee.





Each employee with access to the Earnings module also has the ability to view their Processed and Submitted Timecard Reports. As before, the Submitted Timecard Reports will reflect the the time actually submitted (including submitted by and approved by values).  Processed timecards show the time actually processed through Vista and do not necessarily match the submitted timecard. 

  1. Navigate to Employee Tools > Earnings
  2. To view a processed timecard, check "Timecards (Processed)" and filter by the date range containing the timecard you are looking for:

  3. Click View to see the Timecard Report in the browser. Click Download to generate a PDF of the timecard report.
  4. Follow the same steps above but select "Timecards (Submitted)" to view or download the timecard report containing the submitted by and approved by values.


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